Adalberto Santiago

Puerto Rican Salsa singer Adalberto Santiago is internationally known and noted for his relaxed and flawless singing voice that’s very well suited to Salsa music. It actually made him a prolific and enduring singer, doing session work for various recording artists for six decades.

His early influences were Miguelito Cuní and Benny Moré. After singing with other bands, he joined Ray Barretto. Their partnership provided Santiago with so many personal successes. He also worked with a number of big stars including Louie Ramirez and Roberto Roena. Some of his early hits with Barretto included “Alma Con Alma” and “Quitate La Mascara.” Santiago also did several recordings as a member of the Fania All Stars. His other hits include “La Noche Mas Linda del Mundo” and “La Hipocresia Y La Falsedad.” During his career, Adalberto Santiago made more than 80 albums as a solo singer and with Chuito Velez, Ray Barretto, Típica 73, and Los Kimbos with the Fania All Stars.


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