Benny Moré

When it comes to Cuban artists, Benny Moré’s name was a heavyweight. He was one of the most important singers from Cuba who not only sang Mambo and Cuban Son but also Guaracha and Bolero.

He had the ability to adapt his voice to the faster rhythms of guaracha and the slow beat of the lovely boleros. He was part of the group Trio Matamoros. His own big band was called Banda Gigante, which was very active from the 1950s until 1963. His band was almost a household name in Venezuela, Haiti, Jamaica, Panama, the United States and Colombia as well as Mexico. However, he was virtually unknown in his homeland so he made the effort to return to Cuba for live performances, recordings and radio shows. Benny Moré was offered a tour of Europe but three air-related accidents made him decline the offer.


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