Jae Phillips

Jae Haile is a world renowned choreographer, expert instructor and performer specializing in salsa, hip hop and fusion techniques.

Based in the Tampa Bay area, his work has been and continues to be appreciated across the world. Jae has been invited to congresses in Toronto, Chicago and Miami and has instructed in Sydney Australia, Miami, Toronto Chicago and the Cayman Islands.

Jae’s charisma and energy is unparalleled and infectious. His style is one that is engaging, entertaining and highly educational making it no wonder why he is also the top choice as a guest dance instructor for over 50 different Universities and Colleges across the country.

Additionally, Jae’s choreography has been featured for numerous dance groups and teams including the Minneapolis Professional Salsa Team, Urban Vibe-Minneapolis Team, and Jae Haile’ Phillips Salsa Team. His versatility across dance disciplines allows him to create routines for Hip Hop & Fusion shows such as B-Girl Be, Hip Hop Choreographer’s Evening and Twin Cities Salsa Explosion.
Jae also specializes in teacher training certification.

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