Héctor Lavoe

One of the legends and considered the best artist in the history of Salsa, Héctor Lavoe had a nasal voice that was considered unique. He had the ability to come up with the right lyrics that suited the notes.

He revolutionized the Salsa music genre, earning the names such as “El Cantante” and “La Voz.” He was involved in the boogaloo in the 60s and Salsa in the 70s. Lavoe was also from Puerto Rico and was influenced by Latin singers such as Chuito el de Bayamón and Daniel Santos. Cheo Feliciano, Benny Moré and Ismael Rivera provided him with inspiration and their styles were evident in Lavoe’s own style, which was enhanced by his ability to improvise. At the young age of 17 he decided to leave Puerto Rico to pursue a musical career in the city of New York. He became the lead singer of the Willie Colón Orchestra in 1966 and they went on the record 14 albums. He was encouraged by Colón to focus on a solo career, and left him in charge of the orchestra in 1973. The demands and pressure of being a huge Salsa star became too much for Héctor Lavoe to handle though. His last album was “Strikes Back” that he recorded in 1987.


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