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Top Salsa singers are called soneros and soneras. In this regard they have to possess some skills – ability to accommodate improvisation and voice for any type of melody. The singer must also own the stage. On this page you'll get to know some of the best Salsa singers in history who gave Salsa music a great soul and popular voice.

Salsa’s effect was so massive that it spawned a variety of talents – soneros and soneras, dancers, songwriters, arrangers, producers and bands. Most of the musicians became recording artists and were known worldwide. Many went on world tours as Salsa reached new followers in different countries.

Two places bred a long list of Salsa music stars – Cuba and Puerto Rico. Some of them were born in these two countries while others were already born in the United States, principally in New York where Salsa all started.



Celia Cruz

In Salsa’s history, the name Celia Cruz is synonymous to a legend. She was called the Queen of Salsa, and one of the best soneras in Salsa music.


Ismael Rivera

“El Sonero Mayor” was the moniker given to Puerto Rican singer Ismael Rivera. A few of the best songs he recorded were “Sale El Sol,”


Héctor Lavoe

One of the legends and considered the best artist in the history of Salsa, Héctor Lavoe had a nasal voice that was considered unique.


Oscar D'León

Venezuela also had a roster of talents who contributed a fair bit to Salsa music. Oscar D’León was known for his wide range of repertoire,


Cheo Feliciano

“Amada Mia,” “El Raton” and “Anacaona” were just some of the hit songs of Puerto Rican Salsa singer Cheo Feliciano, who was known for


Rubén Blades

Rubén Blades stood out for providing meaningful lyrics to many songs, such as “Te Estan Buscando,” “Plastico” and “Decisiones.” Blades, who came


Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez

Pete Rodriguez, who’s popularly known as “El Conde” has a powerful voice that suits the tender Bolero and the jam session style of Descarga.


Johnny Pacheco

The co-founder of Fania Records, Johnny Pacheco, hails from the Dominican Republic. He made the trip to New York late in the 1940s.


Fania All-Stars

The legendary Fania All Stars became Fania Records’ iconic representative. The group was responsible for popularizing Salsa music


Adalberto Santiago

Puerto Rican Salsa singer Adalberto Santiago is internationally known and noted for his relaxed and flawless singing voice


Benny Moré

When it comes to Cuban artists, Benny Moré’s name was a heavyweight. He was one of the most important singers from Cuba


La India

If Celia Cruz was the Queen of Salsa, La India, whose real name was Linda Viera Caballero, was the Princess of Salsa.


Tito Puente

One of the most loved proponents of Latin jazz was Tito Puente, the son of Puerto Rican parents who lived in the Spanish Harlem


Willie Colón

The Boston Globe described the music of Willie Colón and bandleader Eddie Palmieri as ”the sound of Salsa.” He helped shape the


Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony is a singer, songwriter, and actor of Puerto Rican descent who has made his mark through his Latin and salsa-inspired music.

Notable Salsa singers and artists

Salsa dance and music were so contagious and influential since their early days, and continue to encourage so many singers, songwriters, arrangers and artists. With the great demand for Salsa music, it’s no wonder that soloists, duets, trios, bands and orchestras continue to form and provide excitement and enjoyment to Salsa enthusiasts from all over the globe. All of them are worth mentioning, for their influence and contribution to the continuous evolvement and patronage of this music genre. Most of them are from the United States, Cuba, Peru, Puerto Rico and other Latin American countries. This is not exhaustive but these are some of the most prominent exponents of Salsa music through the ages. Most of them still continue to give awesome shows, do recordings and world tours. Here they are:

Tito Rodriguez

Rubén González

Juan Luis Guerra

Olga Tañon

Sexteto Habanero

Larry Harlow

Afro-Cuban All Stars

Sierra Maestra

Louie Ramirez

Arsenio Rodríguez

Sol & Soul

Manny Oquenda

Azúcar Negra

La Sonora Matancera

Marc Anthony


Vocal Sampling

Rafael Ithier

Charanga Forever

Willy Chirino

Raulín Rosendo

Charanga Habanera

Andy Montañez

Robert Roena

Compay Segundo

Bobby Valentín

Sergio George



La Sonora Ponceña

Danny Lozada

Charlie Palmieri

Tito Nieves

Ibrahim Ferrer

Dark, Latin Groove (DLG)

Tony Vega

Isaac Delgado

Eddie Palmieri

Victor Manuelle

Juan Formell

El Gran Combo

Xavier Cugat


Frankie Ruiz

Yomo Toro

La Lupe

Grupo Niche

Cal Tjader

Los Van Van

Isidro Infante

Joe Bataan

Manolín Doctor de la Salsa

Ismael Miranda

Mongo Santamaría

Manolito y su Trabuco

Jimmy Bosch

Pete Escovedo

Melón González

Joe Arroyo

Ray Barretto

Miguelito Valdez

Joe Cuba

La Sonora Dinamita

Omara Portuondo

Johnny Ray

Willie Bobo

Cesar "Pupy" Pedroso

Johny Rivera



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